Your Candidates for Postgraduate Sabbatical Officer are: 



Vote for Me!

Name: Maggie Cassinelli Manifesto Slogan: Vote for Me!

Who are you: I'm a postgraduate student studying psychotherapy and counselling. 5 Aims if you were elected: Advocacy for Students Prioritise Mental Health and Well-being Community Engagement and Outreach Properly Working Facilities Advocate for Students Needs What will you bring to the role: I have been a postgraduate student at Birkbeck for 3 years and I am very familiar with what needs to be done to improve the postgraduate student experience. I will bring active listening and communication skills, empathy and compassion, cultural competence and sensitivity, and experience in student advocacy. Summarise: As a Postgraduate Sabbatical Officer, I would be committed to championing the interests of postgraduate students and advocating for positive change within the university and the wider community. By working collaboratively, listening attentively, and acting with integrity, I believe we can create a more inclusive, supportive, and empowering environment for all postgraduates to thrive and succeed. Together, let us build a brighter future for postgraduate education in the UK.


"Empower, Transform, Thrive: Your Voice, Our Change!"

Empowering Change: A Manifesto for University Sabbatical Officer

I am running for the position of University Sabbatical Officer with a commitment to fostering positive change. My manifesto focuses on student empowerment, mental health and well-being, academic support and accessibility, diversity and inclusion, sustainability initiatives, student rights and advocacy, communication and transparency, and community engagement. By championing these principles, I aim to create a more inclusive, transparent, and empowering university experience for all students. Let's embark on this journey together for progress and positive change.

Oluwateniola TOYINBO

Here to amplify every voice

My name is Teni and I’m a post-graduate student of Digital Media Management. I’m a Digital Marketing professional with over 5 years of experience. I love to take the lead and champion causes that matter. I’m passionate and resilient towards achieving goals. I love creativity, so you’d find me anywhere there’s music, dance, movies and design.

The 5 things I aim to do if elected are;

Student interviews for feedback and content

Campus tour guide

Virtual mixer event

Student-tutor opportunities

Games night

I have experience in event planning, project management, and leadership. I’m skilled at using creative ways to solve issues. These are the things that have informed the activities I believe should be included for post-graduate students. The student interviews will be an interesting way to hear what the students have to say about their experience at Birkbeck while the campus tour guide will be of great help to new students to easily find their way around the campus. As a lot of post-graduate students live far from school, a virtual mixer event, and games night will help students from different faculties to network. Some students also learn better when their peer tutors them, hence why the student-tutor opportunity will be suitable for them. I believe students should vote for me because I have their interests in mind and I’ll always be all ears for more suggestions to serve them better and make their experience at Birkbeck a highly rewarding one.











my slogan: "Elevate, Empower, Engage: Postgrads Unite!"

As a Postgraduate Sabbatical Officer, I promise to:

Advocate: Represent postgraduate needs, ensuring policies address unique concerns.

Support: Expand mental health and career services, empowering postgraduates.

Community: Foster a vibrant postgraduate community through events and collaboration, amplifying our collective voice. Together, let's enhance the postgraduate experience.


Empowering Birkbeck: Your Voice, My Action.

Who I Am:
I'm Fahmida, a first-year post-graduate student at Birkbeck studying History of Art and Architecture. I am passionate about making our unique educational experience even better. As a fellow student juggling work, family, and studies, I understand the challenges we face, and I am committed to representing your voice effectively.

Five Aims

  • Championing Student Wellbeing and Tolerance: Advocate for initiatives that promote mental and physical well-being, including accessibility for counselling, flexible learning options, and improved support for working students.
  • Building Stronger Classes: Foster a vibrant and inclusive campus life through social events, networking opportunities, and interdepartmental collaborations. Ensure regular communication channels are open and transparent, actively collecting student feedback on course content, teaching methods and mid-term survey.
  • Enhancing Learning Resources: Improve access to online resources, ensuring materials are in place if recordings have not been made. Investment in modern teaching facilities to optimize the learning experience, optional headphones, and tablets in classes for those with learning difficulties. Explanations of dyslexia and other learning difficulties before the start of modules to ensure all students are mindful of peers and their struggles. 
  • Water and Coffee: More water fountains available and subsidized coffee from new emerging coffee companies to offer placements at Birkbeck to trial their product for 4-12 weeks, working closely with students in marketing and product to help bring projects to life. 
  • Subsidized Health for Cycle/Gym/Yoga: Help improve stress levels for students by promoting exercise such as cycle by offering schemes or monthly bike rentals, working with local gyms to offer better discounts or with Birkbeck to have on site facilities to exercise mixed and single sex. Rooftop 25metre swimming pool could be ambiguous but game changing for attracting new students.

What I Bring:
My experience as Student Ambassador whilst studying my undergraduate degree has enabled me to understand the needs of students, alongside my diverse academic background, strong communication skills, and genuine enthusiasm for student representation this equips me effectively advocate for your needs. I teach Film & Television Level 3 and therefore can appreciate students’ needs and teaching structures. I am a natural collaborator, problem-solver, and a dedicated individual who thrives on making a positive impact for students at Birkbeck, especially for those from underrepresented backgrounds like myself as Bengali female to achieve success.

Vote for Fahmida Ferdous
By choosing me, you choose a passionate and responsible representative who will work tirelessly to enhance your academic journey at Birkbeck. Together, we can build a stronger, more supportive, and enriching learning environment inclusive for all students.

Your vote matters. Make your voice heard!



Postgrad Power: Making Voices Heard!

My name is Jahswill Obialor, a Digital Media Postgraduate student. I would describe myself as a committed advocate of the needs of postgraduate students. I have been a Broadcast journalist for over 15 years. With a background in media, I bring a wealth of experience in communication, leadership, and problem-solving to this role. As your Postgraduate Sabbatical Officer, I will be committed to representing interests and enhancing the university experience of my fellow students.

Objectives if elected

Welfare awareness Support:  One of my objectives would be to focus on tailored support programs and resources to address the academic, financial, and wellfare challenges faced by postgraduate students. For instance some students may not be aware of easily accessible financial support such as grants or scholarships for postgraduates.

Mental Health Support: I would spear head the need for collaboration with mental health professionals to expand counseling services tailored to the unique challenges faced by postgraduate students. For instance International students who have moved to a new continent may not know how beneficial certain workshops can be when it comes to helping ease the stress and anxiedty that comes with having to fit in to a new system.

Diversity and Inclusion plans: I will push for more diversity and inclusion workshops that will help foster a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all postgraduate students, regardless of background or identity. This is something I have had to personally battle with following my move to the UK.

More Academic Resources: I would move for expanded access to research materials, study spaces, and academic workshops to facilitate postgraduates' academic success and professional development.

Strengthened Community Engagement: I will look into organizing social gatherings to foster a sense of belonging and community among postgraduate students at Birkbeck.

 Skills Development:  I would help create more workshops, training sessions, and mentorship programs to equip postgraduates with essential skills for their academic journey and future careers.

Academic Feedback Channels: I will advocated for  regular feedback channels where postgraduates can provide input on their academic experiences and this will aid continuous improvement and help refine  course offerings and teaching methods.

Internship and Placement Support: I will help forge partnerships with   organizations to create internship and placement opportunities specifically targeted towards postgraduate students, facilitating hands-on learning experiences and career advancement opportunities.

Alumni Engagement Programs: I will work on ensuring that the  alumni engagement program of the university is given more attention. It as an avenue created to help current postgraduate students connect with alumni who have successfully transitioned into their chosen careers, and I particularly benefited from this when an alumni, Warren shore was assigned to me as he provided me with valuable insights and networking opportunities.

I humbly ask for votes to be a voice as the Postgraduate Sabbatical Officer. I will work on empowering postgraduates, building a stronger community, and shaping a brighter future for all Birkbeck students.  

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