Your Candidates for Welfare Sabbatical Officer are: 



You struggle, I'll hustle. You fall, you know I'm someone you can always call.

Who are you?: 

I’m a nerdy girl who loves numbers and history, constantly looking for a new mystery to solve. I’m a lover of the arts, a fan of nature and a powerhouse when it comes to achieving my goals. I’m a 2nd time Academic Representative for the School of Business and Law at Birkbeck, but I’m mostly a girl, a person like everyone with hope for change. I’m human, I struggle and I hurt, but at the end of the day, it’s creating a strong and good support system for you to thrive. 

5 Aims if elected: 

  1. Exam dates being released up to 1 month in advance.

  2. Simple and easy communication methods between students, lecturers and faculty members.

  3. Monthly mental health activities/ days.

  4. 1 on 1 conversation to discuss difficulties you have faced in the university. 

  5. Guest speakers coming to the university to talk about mental health and university life support. 

What will you bring to the role?: 

  1. Awareness of who you can contact when you need help or have questions.

  2. Two years of experience as an Academic Representative for the School of Business and Law at Birkbeck and 1 year of experience in the NUS.

  3. An open channel of constant communication through Teams, WhatsApp and Outlook.

  4. Face-to-face or online meetings/ chats whenever you need advice or support. 

  5. Experience of being a mentor to various students in the university.

Why should I be voted? 

I’m a 2nd time Academic Representative for the School of Business & Law who has also been an NUS member. I have learnt how to manage communication with the university and students. I am also a current mentor to 3 students, which has allowed me to understand students' struggles within different departments. My focus is to ensure that students feel heard and supported no matter the issue and that you feel safe and confident in our university environment. 

Big changes needing to be addressed:

  1. A structured communication system between students, lecturers and faculties.

  2. The time it takes to hear back from mitigating circumstances, professors and the “ask” system.

  3. Being informed of exact exam dates within 2 - 4 weeks before exams.

  4. Knowing who you can contact within your department and other university faculties and administration. 

Ideas of activities or days to dedicate to student well-being and welfare:

  1. Anonymous confession boxes to safely get inner struggles off your chest.

  2. Coffee evenings where you can meet people with similar interests to you. 

  3. Puppy Yoga

  4. Fun houses 

  5. Student trips around London or England as a whole.




Empowerment Through Action: Your Voice, Your Welfare

Hello Birkbeck students! I'm Henry Farrelly, a second-year Economics and Business student here at Birkbeck. You might know me as the founder of Little Green Footprint, a company dedicated to fostering transparency in businesses' environmental impact disclosures. With your support, I aim to bring the same passion, dedication, and drive for positive change to the role of Welfare Sabbatical Officer.

5 Action points:

1. Mental Health First: Implement comprehensive mental health support services, including increased counselling resources and workshops to destigmatise mental health issues.

2. Affordable Accommodation: Advocate for fairer housing policies and work to establish partnerships with local organisations to provide affordable housing options for Birkbeck students.

3. Financial Wellness: Develop initiatives to support students facing financial hardship, such as expanding access to emergency grants and creating budgeting workshops.

4. Amplify Student Voice: Ensure that every student's voice is heard by actively seeking feedback through regular surveys, forums, and one-on-one meetings.

5. Sustainable Student Life: Promote sustainability across campus by collaborating with the university to implement eco-friendly practices and encourage student-led initiatives to reduce our environmental footprint.

With my experience in founding Little Green Footprint and spearheading initiatives for positive change, I bring a proven track record of turning passion into action. My skills in project management, communication, and advocacy, coupled with my commitment to social responsibility, make me the ideal candidate to represent your interests and drive tangible improvements in student welfare.

Birkbeck students, your welfare matters, and I am dedicated to championing your needs and aspirations. By electing me as your Welfare Sabbatical Officer, you're not just voting for a candidate; you're choosing a relentless advocate who will work tirelessly to enhance your university experience. Together, let's make Birkbeck a place where every student thrives. Vote Henry Farrelly for a brighter, more inclusive future!



Vote for me, and let's build a brighter future for students where we thrive, not just survive.

Over the past 8 years, I've dedicated myself to supporting students. I have organized workshops, created peer support groups, and successfully campaigned for extended deadlines for students experiencing mental health challenges. My experience also includes working with students that have a disability & learning difficulties, where I helped students navigate accessibility resources and advocated for improved physical and academic accommodations. These involvements have not only deepened my understanding of student struggles but also equipped me with the skills and knowledge to be a proactive and effective Welfare Sabbatical Officer.

The challenges students face – juggling work, studies, personal responsibilities, and navigating mental health, learning differences, and disabilities – are deeply personal to me, not just because I see them at Birkbeck, but because I have worked with students for many years. But more importantly, I've also seen the impact of effective advocacy in bringing about positive change.

I want a Birkbeck where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued. We'll face challenges together, not alone. Your struggles don't define you – you're capable of achieving anything. My experience, empathy, and clear vision make me your ally in this journey.

Building on my experience pushing for bursaries and grants. Ensure students do not need to struggle to study!

Mental health truly matters. I'll work to get more counselors, online resources, and peer support groups. We'll also have workshops on managing stress and taking care of yourself. And for flexible learning, I'll fight for hybrid lectures, recordings, and extra deadlines to ease the pressure.

Let's create online forums and events where you can connect, share stories, and support each other. A simple guide will show you all the help available, from financial aid to mental health services. Support in place for parents and caregivers.

Vote for me, and let's build a brighter future for students where we thrive, not just survive.

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