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One Referendum, Two Questions


What is a Referendum? 

A referendum is a single issue that current Birkbeck Students will be able to vote on. A single question will be asked in which the majority vote will pass. 


What is this Referendum (One Referendum Two Questions) about? 

It has been a long time since Birkbeck Students' Union has had a referendum about any issue, it's an important time in the Student Union with two big questions that will define how your Union is run in future. One is about which roles would you like to represent you as a student and the other is about whether the Student Union should disaffiliate from NUS (UK). It's important that you vote to ensure that the union is everything you want it to be. Take a look below for more information on the referendums. 


How can I vote? 

Students can vote from 10 am on 6th November - 10th November at 8 pm. A voting button will be made live on this page once voting is opened. On the 14th of November, the results will be announced. 


What about if I don't know what to vote for? 

Your Student Leaders are running "The Great Debate" which will be on campus (3rd November), In which all Birkbeck Students are welcome to come and voice opinions on all sides of the referendums. You can pre-submit your questions or ask questions when you are there! Sign up now to guarantee yourself a seat (click here).


Can I campaign? 

We are encouraging students to campaign for the outcome they think will be best for the future of the Student Union. Students can do this by declaring a campaign plan to su-elections@bbk.ac.uk Please read the campaigning for a referendum page.  


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