The Union is run by students for students, and therefore run general meetings for you to get your voice heard.
An AGM  includes an annual report from Trustees, an update on how the SU has been running for the last year, the Union' financial statements, and students voting on the union's affiliations as well as other motions that have been submitted.

AGM Papers

AGM Papers - 19.06.24

AGM Minutes

AGM minutes (draft) - 13.06.24

AGM minutes (draft) - 26.06.24 

What happens at an AGM?

Normally, votes are taken on different agenda items that have been proposed prior to the meeting. Regular agenda items include:

  • To approve the minutes from the previous AGM (Vote)
  • Report from the Board of Trustees
  • To approve the Union's financial accounts for the previous financial year (Vote)
  • Appoint auditors for the next financial year (Vote)
  • Affiliations with the Union (Vote)
  • Questions from Students to the trustees

Who can vote?

Any current student of Birkbeck, University of London

What is Quorum and why is it important?

A quorum is defined as the minimum number of members required to be present in order for the business of the meeting to be conducted. Currently, the AGM quorum is 50 members/students. This is normally achieved over multiple AGMs.

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