The Birkbeck Students’ Union Book Swap: Donate, Discover and Practice Sustainability

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Are your bookshelves filled with old and unwanted books?
Do you wish to explore new literature without incurring expenses?

Birkbeck Students' Union Book Swap, created by William Sarenden, offers a formalized, structured approach to book sharing that brings readers together and promotes sustainability.


Leave Books You No Longer Need

The book swap starts with the simple act of decluttering your collection. By leaving behind books you no longer need or want, you open the door for others to discover new treasures. This thoughtful exchange encourages a sense of community and facilitates the sharing of literary works among students and staff.


Discover Hidden Gems

After making your contributions, the adventure begins. Browsing the book swap's collection allows you to find hidden gems, potentially discovering a cherished classic, an engaging mystery, or a thought-provoking non-fiction work. This approach provides an opportunity to broaden your reading horizons and experience genres you might not have considered before.


Take Your Chosen Book Home

Once you find a book that appeals to you, you can take it home. This initiative offers an excellent opportunity to refresh your reading list without financial expenditure, while also extending the life of books that might otherwise remain unused on someone else's shelves. This practice aligns with sustainability objectives and encourages community involvement.


Promoting Sustainability and Cost-Effectiveness

One of the most significant advantages of the book swap lies in its alignment with sustainability goals. By promoting the reuse and recycling of books, you contribute to a reduction in waste and a decrease in demand for new book production, thereby lessening the environmental impact associated with paper manufacturing and transportation. Additionally, the book swap is a cost-effective way to enjoy new reading material without the need to purchase new books.


How to Participate:

  • Participating in the book swap is straightforward and convenient. If you wish to donate books, bring them to the Students' Union office located on the ground floor of Birkbeck Central (BCB) or you can simply take your books straight over to the shelves and swap at your pleasure. Books should be in good condition and appropriate for the collection.
  • Once you have made your donation, visit the ground floor café of BCB, where the book swap is situated on the back wall. Browse through the selection to choose one or more books to take home and enjoy. This initiative fosters a sense of community and support for sustainable practices.



Birkbeck Students’ Union Book Swap is not only an avenue for exchanging books but also it's a simple community lead project that encourages community spirit, whether you seek to declutter your space, explore new literary genres, or participate in an environmentally responsible practice, the book swap provides an ideal opportunity. We encourage you to visit and be part of this worthwhile endeavour.


Book Swap Initiative & Article Created by William Sarenden 


Salome Dore
10:06am on 25 Apr 24 Hello Kalim, Unfortunately, we won't be able to collect them but we would love your books! You could either bring them in a huge suitcase or if you come on campus regularly, you could bring them little by little! If you've got more questions, feel free to email us at!
Kalim Aziz
4:02pm on 24 Apr 24 Not a question but a comment. I have several finance and accounting related books that I have absolutely no use for. How do I donate them? I.e. bring it in a huge suitcase or is there a collection that can be arranged?
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