As volunteers in this critical leadership position, Course reps amplify the student voice by raising feedback with staff from both the Students’ Union and University.  All work together to improve the student experience at Birkbeck.

What does it take to be a Course Rep?

Course Representative Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities

Gather & represent students’ opinions and feedback on your course

Be the link between the students in your course, College staff and the Students’ Union

Attend relevant training sessions & meetings

Help to shape the University you attend & create real change

Raise issues with the relevant staff as they occur & advocate for your course mates

Feedback progress of communications regarding student feedback to those on your course


Time Commitments

We recommend you spend around 6-8 hours a month on this role which can include:

  • Attending Training sessions
  • Gather feedback from students within your course via email, conversation & social media
  • Allow extra time for any meeting you may feel you want with students, elected Student Leaders, College or Students’ Union staff


Opportunities, Benefits & Rewards

Build community in your course/school and work in partnership with other reps and staff to create change and improve quality of teaching

Enhanced transferrable skills & knowledge that will set you up for future careers and in the workplace

Eligible for awards at our annual Students’ Union Awards ceremony

Course rep wins shared with wider student body

References can be requested from the Student Voice Team


Training & Support

Course Rep Training at the start of your role – giving you the tools you need to be an effective course rep

Liberation Leaders employed to support you in your roles

Meetings and contact with the Student Voice Team



How do I become a Course Rep?

Course Reps are elected in the first term in class. Lecturers will run an election and then notify the Student Union on who the elected reps are. The SU will then be in touch about training and support in your role.

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