What is the SU?

We are a charity led by students for students, with a vision to play a key role in transforming the lives of students through support, representation and opportunities. The SU is run by 8 Student Leaders, all were elected into their roles by students. There are non-student staff in the union who use their experience to ensure the union running effectively and aligns with Student Voice. 

Photo of Ellie, looking at the camera and smiling

Ellie is our Education Student Leader who will be helping course reps this year and will be supported by the Student Voice Team. 

What is Student Voice?

Student Voice is about listening to the views and opinions of students to make positive changes to the learning experience of everyone! There are many roles in the SU that help contribute to ensuring the SU is student-run (Student Parliament, Elected Officers, NUS Delegates and more!).  

What is Course Rep?

Course reps are Birkbeck Students who volunteer their time to gather feedback from their fellow peers to feedback to departments. This feedback is good and bad but helps create a better student experience which will help students feel more at home here at Birkbeck. Course Reps are elected in class and then trained by the SU. There should be two-course reps per course per year. More information on the course rep role can be found here.

Benefits of working with Course Reps?

  • Better communication between the department and students.
  • Easier to spot issues faster before they become bigger.
  • More insight into student life.
  • Helps support a student-led astrosphere.
  • More feedback as well as celebrating staff when things have gone well.
  • Improving course satisfaction levels. 
  • Course reps can make Student Leaders aware of wider college issues, which the SU can campaign for or speak to the Vice-Chancellor about if the Student Parliament feel the issue is significant to the student experience. 

How can staff help?

Staff play an integral part in the course rep experience.

  • Clear communications with your Course Rep. 
  • Make sure Course Reps are elected as soon as possible at the beginning of the academic year.
  • Inform the SU of who the course reps are. 
  • Encourage course reps to complete the mandatory training provided by the SU.
  • Provide course reps with progress updates and feedback relating to departmental actions.

Staff Support 

The Student Voice team are eager to help you! 

Some ideas on how we can help you:

  • We can come to lectures to help sell course reps to your students. 
  • We can come to lecturers and run the election for you. 
  • We provide resources to help (email templates, guides, signature strips, PowerPoint slides). 
  • Breakdown in communication with your rep? we can help mediate these situations. 

Simply email the Student Voice Team and let us know how we can help you. 


Election Infomation

There should be 2 course reps per course per year. Please show the Course Rep PowerPoint or send it out to students before the end of nominations (15th October). As well as ensuring students are aware of who the course rep staff liaison is.

From 16th October to 5th November please allow students to vote in class on who they would like to be elected (SU can run the vote for you in class if you let us know). Once course reps are elected please email su-elections@bbk.ac.uk with their student ID number, email address and the course/year they are representing.

The SU will train the reps for you as well as be a constant support system for them. Then please set monthly meetings with your course reps to help give you the feedback. The SU is always willing to support you along your journey, so please let us know if we can help. 


  • 2nd October to 15th October - Make students aware of the elections and how they can nominate themselves for the role.
  • 16th October to 5th November - Run a class vote and notify the winning candidates. Once course reps are elected please email su-elections@bbk.ac.uk with there student ID number, email address and the course/year they are representing.

Key Contacts 

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