Our Board of Trustees

The Union is a registered charity with the Charity Commission of England & Wales (No. 1142614), and has adopted an incorporated company structure that is limited by guarantee under the Companies Act 2006.

The Trustees of the Union, are also company directors as well as charity trustees. The Trustees formally meet around five times each financial year. The Trustees are responsible for the good governance, financial stability and strategy of the Union. They delegate a number of powers and executive actions to their Chief Executive and to the Executive Committee. The members of the Union are represented generally by the Student Parliament.

Our Board of Trustees is made up of 5 Lay Trustees (External Individuals who have unique experience or knowledge that the SU could benefit from), 8 Officer Trustees (Elected students who bring a student perspective) and 2 student trustees (One Undergraduate and One postgraduate who bring their experience and perspective). All trustees work together and make decisions that will benefit the union's growth and its members. 

Our Board of Trustees is composed of:

8 Elected Officers, 5 External Trustees and 2 Student Trustees. 

Our Trustees

  • William Sarenden  -  Chair of Trustees (Elected Officer/Trustee)
  • Aaron Thompson  -  Vice-Chair of Trustees (External Trustee) 
  • Manpreet Dhesi  -  External Trustee
  • Alex Prestage  -  External Trustee
  • Zeno Fredani  -  External Trustee
  • Gemma Hope  -  External Trustee
  • Artemi Falzon  -  Elected Officer/Trustee
  • Ella Edwin  -  Elected Officer/Trustee
  • Lily Boodhoo  -  Elected Officer/Trustee
  • Miriam Swan  -  Elected Officer/Trustee
  • Ellie Rivera  -  Elected Officer/Trustee
  • TBC  -  Student Trustee (Undergraduate)
  • TBC  -  Student Trustee (Postgraduate) 

We are currently hiring for our two Student Trustees position. You can find out more information about those roles in our pack here.

Finance & Audit Committee

The Finance & Audit Committee is a sub-group of the board of trustees, some of our board members sit on finance but not all. Th?e purpose is to have oversight of the Union's finances and ensure the SU is financially sustainable. The Finance & Audit Committee does report to the Board of Trustees. Student Trustees are also able to sit on the Finance & Audit Committee to bring student perspective to financial decisions.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of Officer Trustees and Officers of the Student Parliament. Union Staff also attend but are not members of the committee. The purpose is to bring pass motions from the Student Parliament, Officer Trustee Plans and any issues relating to the Union or its students for the executive committee to discuss and plan.

Student Parliament

Student Parliament is made up of Student Parliament Officers (Different roles for different issues or demographics), Academic Representatives (18 one for each different area of school) and officer trust?ees. The purpose is for students to bring issues or motions that are affecting the student body to help create a better experience at Birkbeck. Any pass motions will go to the Executive Committee. Find out more here

Scrutiny Panel

Scrutiny Panel is made up of 5 student representatives from Student Parliament. Scrutiny Panel's purpose is to keep the officer trustees accountable and any reports or concerns will go to the Board of Trustees. Scrutiny Panel has the power to commend Officer trustees and also cast a vote of no-confidence if the panel feels the officer is not filling the requirements of the role. Find out more here


Minutes from Board of Trustees

Minutes for our Board of Trustees will be added from November 2023 onwards.

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Birkbeck Students’ Union is a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) registered in England and Wales, charity number 1142614.

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