Quick Tips for Motion Writing

Tuesday 17-01-2017 - 18:43


Quick Tips for Motion Writing


So you've decided to write a motion for Student Council... 

1. Get some inspiration

One of the easiest ways to write a successful motion is to emulate those that have come before it. Check out one of our BBKSU Policy Books for a collection of motions that have been agreed by Student Council over the past few years.

2. Select a snappy title

While a motion is a formal proposal, it is not neccessarily true that it must be a dry, humourless, or complicated document. You're writing to persuade a room of (in most cases, unless you are excitingly popular) strangers to agree with you; it won't hurt (where appropriate) to attract their attention or make your motion memorable with all the literary tricks at your disposal. 


3. Get your facts straight

Your motion will be up for scrutiny from the moment you submit it to our offices; while your beliefs may be believable (& your resolves may be resolvable...) opposition may come from a variety of motivations that you have not considered. One of the easiest ways to see your motion discredited is by including facts without verifying them carefully. 

A few well placed stats can add weight to your position, so put those referencing skills to good use and source your information from reputable (if not indisputable) sources to protect your points.

4. Write about what you know

It is much easier to write passionately and/or with confidence on topics you have experience with. You will be presenting (and possibly defending) your motion in person at Council, you will be more comfortable creating cohesive arguements with content you are comfortable with.

This translates into either writing motions to create policy in areas you are already familiar with, or putting time into researching new subjects before coming to write about them. 

5. Your motion is not for you

When writing a motion, you have probably already convinced yourself that your topic is relevant and your resolves are reasonable, now you just have to win over the rest of council...

BBKSU's members come from all over the world, with varied backgrounds, experiences and interests. They may be coming to council with little or no knowledge of your subject. Write for these students so they can vote with confidence by using your Believes section to create a concise narrative that ensures that all members of council can follow your premise.

Similarly, council members with similar views or politics to you will likely find it easy to agree with your motion, however other students may take a little more convincing. Use your Further Believes section to articulate why your motion is relevant to students and how BBKSU's taking action could impact member interests. Follow up with a Resolves section that shows Council how you intend BBKSU should respond to the points you have made, considering how they may be interpreted by those who aren't predisposed to agree with your position.


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