Create Events

BBKSU supports our members create, manage & run hundreds of events & activities each year through our recognised clubs, socieities & committees. If you have an event you'd like to see, but are not a member of one of our groups, submit an idea!


Plan your event:


Planning your events is vital to their success. Once you have decided you are ready to commit to an event, contact us to discuss how we can support you before formally booking anyone's time or committing to spending any funds. You must receive agreement in writing from the SU before making any firm arrangements.


Your committee should know which member(s) of your team will be responsible for: contacting the SU, booking a room, arranging any external speakers, creating the event on the website, creating any advertising materials, hosting the event on the day, purchasing materials & promoting the event.


Successful events are some of the best advertising materials for your society's future activities, so you may also want to decide who will take your photos and whether anyone will write the event up for the articles section of the website.


Create your event online:


All BBKSU groups should be open to all students to join, which means that all events should be managed and advertised centrally on the website.


Group administrators can create events through their dashboard, events will automatically be added to the central events calendar. An event on the website should include the following:


  • An enticing title
  • The event details (time, date, etc)
  • A full description of the event, including information about what attendees can expect and why they might want to attend.
  • Contact information for the event organiser.
  • Your group/society logo so it stands out in the events calendar.
  • A ticket option so that members can book/confirm their attendance - even when the event is free.


Please ensure that your event includes all the same information as we'd find on your mailing lists or external websites.


Book a room:


Most BBKSU events are hosted on campus in Birkbeck classrooms & lecture theatres (even the Gordon Square cinema!). Visit the room bookings page for more information on how you can book a space.


In some cases (for example: sporting activities, rehearsals etc.) we may have to look at booking an external venue for your event. When this is the case, we suggest contacting us at the earliest opportunity.




Once you're all set up, the only thing left to do is promote your event to the masses. You can post your event link online via twitter or other social media (please remember that FB groups/events should have CLOSED privacy settings as they are for your current members only). All events should be available to all students


The Union can include your event in our all student emails & other communications to students.  If you contact us we can put your event poster up in the lifts, and print a small number of flyers for you to hand out to interested students.


BBKSU is committed to supporting our members' self-organised projects and will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that events are successful. For more information, contact us!