A bit about me...


What is your role?
My vision is to make a positive difference in enhancing the academic and social experiences of students through my role. My commitment in this position is to represent the values and beliefs of Birkbeck that align with my fellow students who identify and feel deeply about what it means to be part of BAME. I will be doing my very best to listen, support, and improve the structure of Birkbeck for BAME students.

Tell us a bit about yourself...
I am fifth generation Indian, a descendant of Guyanese parents, born Canadian, and raised British. I studied a BA in Psychosocial Studies and the Principles of Psychodynamic Counselling and now studying an LLM in Law with Human Rights. As well as being the BAME Liberation Leader, I am a Team Birkbeck Ambassador and previously used to volunteer in the Birkbeck Chat Mentor Programme. I also work part-time as a Customer Savings Consultant in a bank.

Why did you run in the elections?
I chose to run for the elections because I want to make a difference in the Birkbeck community and improve the current standards of the Student Union. Being elected for this position will allow me to give back to Birkbeck and its students from the continuous years the institution has supported me.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself?
I collect stamps!


My Manifesto


What are your goals for the year?
My top 5 priorities for the year are:

1. A safety and support network for BAME students. I am hoping to create a more effective and supportive safety system for BAME students who seek both academic and social advice, along with guidance when dealing with grievances and BAME-related issues, including mental health. I am looking to set up a direct system that is separate from the complaints system the university offers so that when students come to the Student Union about a BAME-related grievance or issue, they can be given a better support system that is tailored to them and their needs

2. Tackling the awarding gap for BAME students. There is a large awarding gap for students who identify with BAME that receive lower grades in comparison to students outside of BAME. I am looking to challenge this by spreading awareness and educating students as well as academics on how they can improve this through support and guidance of assessment practice and workshops.

This is in the beginning process of being investigated and actioned. I am currently in touch with the Student Success Tutor and discussing ways to close the 30% awarding gap for BAME students. Once we can come to possible solutions my next steps would be to reach out to the Chair of Education to starting or reinstating a BAME Awarding Gap Committee as a dedicated groups to tackling the gap. (Term 1 Update)

3. Enhancing ways to tackle plagiarism within BAME. Plagiarism is more likely to occur with students within BAME in comparison to other groups of students outside of that community. Similarly, as tackling the awarding gap, I am hoping to enhance ways to tackle plagiarism and minimise the outcome of plagiarism likely happening to a BAME student. By operating with the current structures in place with the examination board, I am hoping to work closely with various parts of the BAME community to help educate and spread awareness of how much minimising this issue can improve higher academic achievement.

Like my previous objective on the awarding gap, this is partially linked and is in the beginning process of being investigated alongside the awarding gap for BAME students with the Student Success Tutor. In addition, I am looking to making content with the Academic Support Team for the BAME Network social media page that will acknowledge and education students on this issue. (Term 1 Update)

4. Promoting BAME-related societies as well as encouraging more to form (within eligibility). Currently, the existing BAME societies need more promotion across all social media platforms, as well as the possibility of having more societies and clubs that are BAME-related should be encouraged. The reason I am making this one of my top priorities is because community and diversity are such an integral part of Birkbeck. When promoting the current societies, it will increase the importance of having them as part of our Student Union and university. Also, by encouraging more societies to form, it can increase the recognition and importance that all cultures deserve to have as well as what it means to be a part of a society that students can feel a part of.

I have been encouraging clubs and societies to form through the BAME Network Instagram page by promoting them on the page whenever there are opportunities to repost and make use of the social media platform for that. In addition, I have been doing my best to reach out to students on that platform using interactive posts to grow the network, give clarity about issues, and making it a safe space for students to interact. (Term 1 Update)

5. Fundraising for the BAME network and Student Union. There needs to be more funding for BAME and for the Student Union to be able to give more to the students during their time with us at Birkbeck. I would like to carry out various funding raising events (a minimum of three, potentially have more) to help support the BAME community and Student Union financially so there could be improved support for Birkbeck students.

I hope that with the backing of the Student Union, Birkbeck, and students I can make a positive change for everyone to the best of my abilities. Thank you for electing me and I look forward to working closely with all of you during my tenure.


Contact Me


Email: l.boodhoo@bbk.ac.uk


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