Your Candidates for EDI Sabbatical Officer are: 




Diverse Voices, Unified Vision. As your equity and diversity officer and a minority myself in my race, religion, and sexuality, I'm committed to amplify your underrepresented voices and create a more inclusive community in the university.

In a university with students from over 120 countries, the role of an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Sabbatical Officer is crucial: This role embodies the commitment to creating an environment where every person, regardless of their background or their identity, feels values, respected, and empowered to thrive in the university. As a marginalized and underrepresented student, I aim to uphold the responsibility to listen to your concerns, amplify your voices, and work collaboratively with you to create a more inclusive community. No matter our race, gender, sexuality, or beliefs, we are not just a checkbox to promote with hollow buzzwords — we are individuals with rich experiences and cultures aiming to go above and beyond in our academic studies.

As your Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Sabbatical Officer, I am committed to help amplify your voice and support you to thrive in this university!


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Uniting Diversity, Empowering Equity, Igniting Inclusion at Birkbeck

I am a second-year psychology disabled queer student. I believe passionately in delivering change at Birkbeck and so it can continue for the next 200 years

I want to:

  • Include menopause and menopausal symptoms in the mitigating circumstances policy. As the poilcy is currently unclear if these can be used in the same way a disability to have two attempts at mitigating circumstances across your assessments.
  • To find ways of better supporting Parents and caregivers at Birkbeck, and this will include ensuring if timetables change from online to in-person and vice versa, enough time is given so arrangements can made.
  • Promote inclusion across all classes. This shall include people who may be referred to a different name and not have their ‘dead’ names used in front of classes or with any communications from the schools and faculties.
  • Support disabled students with access to learning and support materials from the college as well as looking at access across Birkbeck buildings. If students have to go from building to building for lessons, enough time is given to disabled students to make this across. For example from Gordon Square to Malet street.
  • Ensuring people are not let behind in accessing online material for their courses and finding ways with Birkbeck to best support them.

Vote for me because:

  • I believe firmly in being accountable to the students that have elected me. 
  • I believe in social justice and putting students first, and thinking about the best way to include students in policies. 
  • I am flexible if students want to meet with me to discuss issues and raise them. 
  • I sometimes approach problems from different viewpoints to find solutions. 
  • I have a good working knowledge around equalities and promoting this into policy and ensuring we cater to the needs of the many in the college. 
  • I want to change Birkbeck for the better and for a long-term future. 
  • I champion equality, and I want to be the champion of ensuring equity through inclusion, this is from lessons to social events, and any participation in the Student Union.



My name is Lily Boodhoo, and I am currently the BAME Liberation Leader. I am fifth generation Indian, a descendant of Guyanese parents, born Canadian, and raised British. I studied a BA in Psychosocial Studies and the Principles of Psychodynamic Counselling and currently studying an LLM in Law with Human Rights. I previously was a Team Birkbeck Ambassador and volunteered in the Birkbeck Chat Mentor Programme. I also work part-time as a Customer Savings Consultant in a bank, and I am a career for my sister with learning difficulties.

My Vision

I am rerunning in this election for the ED&I Sabbatical role as I know I am a valuable asset to creating positive change in enhancing the academic and social experiences with the knowledge I have learned within my current role and life experiences. I believe that I can improve the current structure again, of Birkbeck, for students if given the opportunity again to make a difference to our community.

My Manifesto Points

1. Tackling awarding gaps for BAME/POC, disabled, and postgraduate students.

I will be making it my responsibility to identify attainment gaps across all programmes and work proactively to bring positive impacts to students’ studies and future. Replicating and improving what I have already done, will be vital and of utmost importance to students’ academic success.

2. Recognition and support for underrepresented students.

It will be my duty to listen and acknowledge experiences as I do now by seeking to understand the experiences and challenges faced. This is a stepping stone to building trust and finding ways to give a platform to underrepresented students.

3. Safety and support networks for BAME/POC, LGBTQ+, Women, International, Disabled, and Mature students.

I can improve and implement further support to students and our current networks by creating a partnership that can allow students to get the most out of the institution and SU.

4. Create awareness, accessibility, and advocate collaboration and empowerment

I will make it my obligation for students to have a voice to express about issues that matter to them on, and off campus that champions for academic and social justice they deserve.

5. Physicality and use of campus spaces

I am intrigued in creating diverse spaces for students and promoting the use of the current estate on campus. Students should have spaces that are practical and inclusive.

I have enhanced, achieved, and am still working on.

  • BAME awarding gap focus groups, a source of a reporting system.
  • BAME Student Support Pack.
  • Academic and social content.
  • Alternative ways to fundraise for the SU.
  • Supported students in department issues outside of job spec.
  • Worked with BAME related charities and various Birkbeck student support groups.
  • Met our previous and new Vice Chancellor for better communication needs.
  • And more, just ask!

I hope with all the love, respect, and care I have given to my current role, I would appreciate if you could vote for me again so I can continue my hard work for students like you under our new structure!



If you want to make a difference, be different

Promoting Promoting diversity with activities:

Sharing is the most powerful tool that human possess, through sharing your own culture and the importance and impact that had in your life, you are sharing part of your story that can sensitize the other, knowledge is power and through activities like: meetups, games and cultural activities people can know and embrace different perspectives

Language exchange:

Language is an essential part of humans, which is why in a place like Birkbeck that has degrees dedicated to 5 languages, it is necessary to have activities to gather people with the same interest and passion for language so they can practice their language target in a space where there are like-minded people, classes like language exchange, language promotions as well as the importance for language minorities, dialects and language variations are an excellent contribution for those who want to know more about foreign languages.

LGBTQ+ Activities:

As a proud Gay person, having a safe environment where we can feel ourselves is highly important; members of the community sometimes fall into discrimination towards other people from the community, and creating a safe environment where we can feel understood is the first step to make the difference; there is so little information about other people’s sexuality, and so many times non-straight people face a hard time because they are trying to sort themselves out into labels.

 Activities like regular meetups and using Birkbeck’s pubs, restaurants, etc., are some of the first steps towards inclusion and creating a safe space. Creating activities like sharing your own stories, speaking about your issues, etc..… could significantly impact someone who wants to feel understood, organising karaoke and drag shows, and taking essential figures in our meetups to feel best represented and inspired.

•My experience in Beauty industry made me develop skills like: active listening, persuasion and most important the HURIER skill ( (hearing, understanding, remembering,interpreting, evaluating, responding) which list me as a very understanding person, my studies are focusing on language and cultures which place me perfectly on the role as there is a huge number of international student, my idea is to promote and empower what already birkbeck has and to focus more on people that are in need of help, furthermore being an active person in LGBTQ+ community made me more aware on the thematic as well as understanding more that every person as a single need, needs in fact are not depending on a group but as an individual, that is why an equity officer should understand the single person and not just seen as a part of a group,ethnicity, language speaker etc.

•I can strongly contribute to make Birkbeck a more inclusive place as well as creating a safe environment for all



"Your Voice, Our Stories: Moving Forward Together"

Luke Jno Charles


Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Sabbatical Officer

"Your Voice, Our Stories: Moving Forward Together" 

"Hi, I'm Luke, your candidate for EDI Sabbatical Officer. I've seen firsthand how inclusivity and

diversity are assets. My experience in different industries, raised across multiple borders and

cultures, and well-travelled, make me an ideal candidate.

A vote for me is a vote for representation, a vote for inclusion, and a vote for your voice!“

Where I plan to apply my efforts:

·Policies for Inclusivity

Setting the Scene: "Respect, inclusivity, and justice vibes – let's make our campus a welcoming spot for all."

·Improved Communication: fostering collaboration.

Collaboration with Students' Union and Uni Admin: "Team up with the Union and uni leaders, giving every student,

especially those from EDI backgrounds, a proper say."

·Community Building: raising awareness for equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Events for Awareness: " Shindigs spotlighting equity, diversity, and inclusion – make waves and get everyone in on the


·Impactful Representation: Representing the interests of students.

Representation Game: “Voice for underdogs, standin' up for the crew from every corner of uni life."

·Continuous Feedback: Proactively collecting feedback.

Feedback and Chill: "Got something on your mind? I'm all ears, mate! Regular check-ins to keep it real, ensuring every

story is spot on."

I aim to bring my passion, experience, can-do and never-give up attitude to this role.

With your support, we can create an environment where every student feels a sense of belonging. We, as a student body, have the opportunity to shape a more inclusive and diverse campus. Your vote is more than just a ballot. It's a first step, first brick, in the journey to building a university community that mirrors our collective values and aspirations for a better tomorrow.


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Diverse Voices, United Future: Say NO to Racism, Say NO to Discrimination! Join Han in Bridging Gaps and Building Paths at Birkbeck. Together, We Navigate, Empower, and Celebrate Diversity!

Hello everyone, I'm Han, a second-year LLB-Law student. As an Asian female international student, I'm acutely aware of the unequal opportunities faced by those from less advantaged backgrounds. Last year, I diligently observed various companies, attended their Open days, and engaged with numerous individuals from underrepresented groups. Racism and sexism are pervasive issues; some have encountered workplace discrimination, while others, notably mature female students, grapple with job security concerns. I've personally experienced verbal abuse while walking alone at night, confronting the harsh reality of being a minority in the UK. Initially unfamiliar with the term 'BAME', I questioned its ability to encapsulate the diverse backgrounds, countries, and cultures it represents. Such broad labels oversimplify and erase the richness of individual experiences within underrepresented groups. Regardless of color, ethnicity, age, or gender, each of us is unique. Negative experiences persist, but together, as students and staff at Birkbeck, we can take a stand: Say NO to racism, Say NO to discrimination!

To address inequality, I aim to provide practical support. Having navigated the challenges of a foreign legal system and significant familial changes, I recognize the need for tailored assistance. I plan to conduct interview sessions with legal professionals, offering valuable insights for current and prospective law students. I encourage media students to contribute to documenting our university journeys. Additionally, I seek to expand opportunities for foundation and first-year students awaiting enrollment and provide guidance to those facing academic pressures. By offering guidance akin to a Google map, these sessions aim to alleviate anxiety and assist in charting future career paths.

I'll host various topic salons, including those focused on female, LGBTQ, underrepresented, life-challenged, full-time working, international/exchange, and parental/carer students, welcoming participation from all BBK members. Listening to and understanding diverse perspectives fosters deeper connections and broadens horizons. Consider the disparities among individuals raised in different countries; for instance, I only tried lentils for the first-time last year. Embracing cultural diversity enriches our understanding of the world. Active engagement in these salons can spark inspiration and dissolve biases. In Birkbeck, opportunities abound to explore different cultures—a chance not to be missed!


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You wanna Equity? You wanna Diversity? You wanna Inclusion? You better vote me!

In the pursuit of fostering an environment that champions equality, embraces diversity, and ensures the inclusion of every student, I, as a candidate for the EDI Sabbatical Officer at Birkbeck, present this manifesto as a commitment to transformative change.

  1. Representation Matters: As a former teacher, activist, disabled individual, and drag queen, I bring a unique intersectional perspective. I pledge to amplify the voices of marginalized and underrepresented students, ensuring their concerns are heard and addressed.

  2. Inclusive Policies: I will tirelessly advocate for the implementation of policies that promote equity, dismantle barriers, and cultivate an inclusive atmosphere. This includes collaborating with the university administration to create an environment that reflects the diverse identities within our student body.

  3. Accessible Education: Recognizing the challenges faced by disabled students, I will work towards making education accessible to everyone. This involves advocating for improved infrastructure, resources, and support services to ensure that every student can fully engage in academic life.

  4. Cultural Competence Training: To foster a culture of respect and understanding, I will push for mandatory cultural competence training for faculty, staff, and students. This initiative aims to create a more empathetic and knowledgeable community that values and celebrates diversity.

  5. Collaborative Partnerships: Building strong alliances with the Student Union, university administrators, and external organizations is crucial. By fostering collaboration, we can implement effective initiatives that address the unique needs of our diverse student body.

  6. Community Engagement: I commit to organizing events and forums that promote dialogue on issues of equity and inclusion. These platforms will provide spaces for students to share their experiences, ideas, and concerns, fostering a sense of belonging within our academic community.

  7. Periodic Assessments: I will ensure regular assessments of the university's progress in matters of EDI. This transparency will hold both the administration and myself accountable, allowing for continuous improvement and adaptation to the evolving needs of our community.

In taking on the role of EDI Sabbatical Officer, I am dedicated to championing a Birkbeck where diversity is celebrated, inclusion is embedded in every aspect of university life, and every student, regardless of background, feels valued and represented. Together, let us create a campus that stands as a beacon of equality, respect, and social justice.



"Empower minds, Ignite Change: Our University our Future!!!"

"My slogan reflects a dedication to dismantling obstacles and cultivating a community where every individual is respected and embraced. It underscores the significance of embracing diversity in its entirety and striving for fairness among all university members. With me in this role of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Sabbatical Officer, we commit to advocating for justice, amplifying marginalized perspectives, and fostering an environment where every person can flourish. Join us as we embark on the path towards a more just and inclusive future for everyone."



Empathy ignites change. Rooted in inclusion, I fight for your voice. Choose progress. #BirkbeckEDI #YourAdvocate

Greetings Birkbeck Community,

I'm thrilled to express my candidacy for the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Sabbatical Officer role. As someone who has navigated the challenges of being part of a marginalized group, I empathize with those who often feel overlooked. My personal journey has instilled in me a profound belief in inclusivity and social justice.

Currently serving as an Anti-Racism & Anti-Fascism Officer, I've been actively engaged in advocating for fairness and equality. This aligns with the responsibilities outlined for the said role.

Why I'm the Ideal Candidate:

  1. Personal Insight: My firsthand experience brings an authentic connection to the struggles of exclusion. I am committed to being a strong advocate for those who seek representation.
  2. Passion for Inclusivity: My commitment to fostering a culture of respect and understanding is not just theoretical but grounded in lived experience.
  3. Proven Advocacy: As an Anti-Racism & Anti-Fascism Officer, I've effectively championed policies promoting diversity and inclusion. I am dedicated to representing the interests and needs of marginalized students.
  4. Commitment to Impact: I pledge to initiate impactful campaigns, events, and initiatives that heighten awareness and educate the student body on equity, diversity, and inclusion matters.

My Vision and Objectives:

  1. Visible Representation: I aspire to be a recognizable and approachable face for all Birkbeck students, ensuring their voices are not only heard but respected.
  2. Lobby for Change: My focus will be on advocating for policy changes that significantly improve the academic and personal well-being of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion students.
  3. Community Empowerment: I will tirelessly work towards fostering a supportive community for Birkbeck students, offering opportunities for meaningful networking and engagement.
  4. Transparency and Accountability: Proactively collecting feedback, I'll ensure regular and transparent reporting to the Student Parliament, Officer Scrutiny Panel, and Trustee Board.

Let's unite to champion change. Vote for me as your Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Sabbatical Officer, and together, let's shape a university where every student feels valued, included, and heard.

Thank you for considering my candidacy.

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