Each year we hold elections for students to decide which students they would like to represent them in different capacities. As a Students’ Union, we are run by students who are elected into these roles. Some of these roles are just like jobs and are paid (Sabbatical Officer Elections – link to sabbatical officer elections page) and some are voluntary which is a lot less work but still impacts the student experience.

On the 5th of February, our Leadership elections will begin in which Birkbeck Students can nominate themselves for one of the various roles available, this is called the nomination period and will be open for 3 weeks. All students who wish to run as a candidate in the election will need to prepare and submit a written manifesto before the nomination ends (more information here – Link to manifesto page).Nomination close on 25th Feburary. 

After the nomination period ends, all students/candidates who are running in the election will have 2 weeks to prepare their campaign (a plan on how you going to get students to vote for you). The SU will provide training (Sabbatical Officer Candidates only), and some ideas to help!

On the 11th March voting will open, in which all candidates will then be allowed to campaign. All current Birkbeck Students can vote. All candidates must follow election rules (click here – election rules link) otherwise can result in disqualification. Voting will close at 8 pm on 14th March. Then on the 15th, all candidates will come to election results night (6 pm-8.30pm) (Dress Up! Food and Drink included) in which we will celebrate all candidates who have run in the elections and announce the winners too! (all candidates can bring 1 guest) (Link to elections results night booking).

Common Questions

Can postgraduates and part-time students stand for election?

Yes, of course, all current students can stand in the election. We even have a Paid Postgraduate Sabbatical Officer role this year!

I'm in my last year at University, can I nominate myself?

Sabbatical Officer roles – Yes, all current students can stand in the election, roles will start in July 2024 – 30th June 2025 regardless if you are continuing as a student in the next year or not. Sabbatical Officer roles are the same as a normal job so please consider this.

Network/ Society/ Sports Team roles- No, you have to be a student in the next academic year to be able to run for the role.

How do I decide which role is best for me?

Take some time to ready through the job specs or website pages for the different election roles, and consider the time you have to give the role.

 If you want a job and to create change a sabbatical officer role is best as it is a paid role and is 21 hours per week, where you will work with the dedicated SU staff to create change for students.

Or you want a chance to gain experience without it impacting your time too much? (Network Committee, Society Committee, Sports Committee Roles).

Can International Students stand for election?

Sabbatical Officer Roles-

Yes, international students can stand for election, The SU is unable to sponsor a visa, but if your current visa lasts for the next academic year.

If you visa requires you only to work 20 hour week, the role can be changed from 21 hours to 20 hours to ensure your visa requirements are kept to.

The role does require you to be on campus one day per week during term-time, you can work from home for the rest of your hours. However, being a sabbatical officer, you will have to be at SU events and Welcome Week in addition to this.

Network Committee, Society Committee, Sports Committee Roles-

Yes, you can be an international student as long as you are a Birkbeck Student in the next academic year.

What disability support is provided to candidates running in the election?

Birkbeck Students’ Union is passionate about being accessible for students, we will make all reasonable adjustments as long as it doesn’t alter the running of the election.  Please let us know what your adjustments will be su-elections@bbk.ac.uk

Do we get Paid?

The Sabbatical Officer Roles are paid roles and are treated like jobs. If elected you will be required to work 21 hours per week starting in July and ending in June 2025. You will have a contract and be required to work 1 day a week from campus during term time.

All other roles are not paid; however, funding is available for societies, sports teams, and networks to help cover the costs of running events.

How do I Win?

The most successful candidates in the past have been students who have actively campaigned online and in person during voting week (you are not allowed to campaign outside of this time). Campaigning is all about getting students to vote for you, we provide training on how to run an effective campaign (Link to training)

Will we get a budget for campaigning?

All students running for sabbatical officer roles will get access to SU resources such as Arts & Crafts materials, T Shirts, etc.. To help create campaigning tools such as banners.  

I can’t attend the training dates!

All training will be recorded and put on the election hub after it has been completed, plus the SU voice team will have hours where you can pop in or online so you can ask questions too!

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