Results are.. 

After 261 students cast their vote, the votes have been counted and a simple majority will pass a motion. 

Question 1. Officer Structure: Should Birkbeck Students' Union adopt the current structure or our new proposal for Paid Elected Officer Roles?


You have decided for us to change our structure, with 57% of you voting for that change, whilst 33% voted for us to keep the current structure and 10% of you abstained. This means that the motion carried and our elected officer structure will be changing for the next election. 

What happens now? 

This means that from next Academic year, we will now be moving to 4 Paid Officer Roles who will be working 21 hours a week and consist of the

  • Postgraduate Sabbatical Officer
  • Education Sabbatical Officer
  • Welfare Sabbatical Officer
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Sabbatical Officer

Our current Liberation roles will go into Student Parliament as voluntary roles from July 1st 2024, these roles will be put up for election with the rest of the Student Parliament. 

Question 2. Affiliation: Should we stay connected with NUS or go our own way?


You have voted for us to leave NUS, with 53% of you voting to leave, whilst 44% voted to stay and 3% abstained. This means that the motion carried. 

What happens now? 

Birkbeck Students' Union will give notice to NUS (UK) for leaving. We will officially leave in December 2024 (the notice period for leaving has to be followed). This will not affect Totum. The SU will still remain linked with NUS charity regardless of leaving NUS (UK). 

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